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5 Guitar Cable Brands – The Names You Should Know

As with every market, there are reference companies that either provide the best quality, the best affordability or are the ones that bring always something new to the table. Here are some examples of the names that you should know that sell great guitar cables.

FenderFender Guitar Cable

Fender is an American brand, best known for their guitars and basses, mainly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass.

When we bring this name into the conversation, even people who are not at all related with music have heard it at least once. From the old guitar your grandpa had to the new instruments and amplifiers it brings to the market every year, Fender is a household name.

As you will be seeing in this post with other brands, although they are not specialized in instrument cables, they offer some very good quality products with affordable prices.

From Fender i would recommend the Professional Series Instrument Cables.

  • Affordable
  • Various options
  • Lacks high end products

Planet Waves

A brand know in the area for specializing in instrument cables. From prices going from low to medium end, Planet Waves what makes in good quality products, lacks in variety. Planet Waves has made a name in the area for their practicality and their ergonomic and technically sound design.

  • Great price/quality
  • Simple line of products
  • Not much variety
  • Lacks high end products


This company produces high end electronic devices and they have probably the best cables in the market. The brand was founded in the late 70’s by Noel Lee, a laser-fusion design engineer, but also an audiophile and professional drummer. This knowledge in both the areas of engineering and music, gave birth to very high quality guitar cables and other products. The Monster guitar cables are among the most durable, best materials, best assembling and best costumer support that i have seen.

  • Best guitar cables
  • Very high quality
  • Durable
  • Not much variety
  • Not very affordable


Another brand that is considered to be one of the top quality ones in guitar cables is Mogami from Japan. Although they have several different lines of products know, they started decades ago developing instrument cables. Soon they noticed there was more to be learned about them than meets the eye.

Mogami is eager in making only noise-free cables and with no signal loss at all. That is a philosophy in which they stand by until today. They are definitely proud to say that many of the greatest recording studios around the world use Mogami for their fidelity.

  • Noiseless cables
  • Durable
  • Very high quality
  • Trustworthy company (ethical business practices)
  • A bit expensive


Today i am giving you 5 guitar cable brands and i could not be over without putting Cordial in our list. The slogan for this company is We Are Cable. An instrument cable is a piece of engineering, and when we talk about engineer we obviously have to mention Germany. This is a great company that shows that you can have high quality cables with an affordable price. For a 3m cable you have prices ranging from $8 to $80 and a lot of color options to choose different design and builds. So you know you can have very options with just one brannd. In only the online store they have over 600 different products.

  • Wide range of products
  • German engineering
  • Great price/quality

Other Choices

Black Jack Plug

Of course, with such a small list, we had to leave some brands out that you probably know, but i promise you that with just these 5 brands, you have a wide array of choices and different price ranges to choose from and i will be talking about some more in the future on new publications. For now, you have 5 great brands.


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