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Best Electric Guitars For Beginners 2019 – Your New Journey

The electric guitar. Side by side with the drums, is the absolute coolest instrument to play. Names must come to your head when thinking of guitar players and its probably because of those names that you are doing research online for the best electric guitars for beginners.

Budget guitars have come a long way from the decades before in which quality was difficult to find in this range. But today, for less than $250 you can get a good starting guitar, that even I’m eager to buy to use them myself (really, there are amazing cheap guitars in the market today).

Since you will be buying your first guitar online, I’m going to explain you some features of them so you can better understand what you will be buying and throwing in some personal preferences. We’ll be talking about 4 guitars from 4 very well-known brands in music that you will be acquainted with for the future.

The Top Beginner Mistakes When Buying Your Guitar

Through my years of playing guitar and bass, I’ve made some mistakes as everyone does and also have seen people do the same.

To avoid that, I’m going to explain to you some mistakes that you should avoid when buying your first guitar. These are the deal breakers when starting because obviously, when you are starting to learn the instrument you won’t be spending thousands of dollars in equipment. You want an affordable but quality guitar.

Buying A Guitar Because It Looks Good

As I said previously, I am almost certain you want to start playing guitar because you got influenced by an artist you like and also, you want the same guitar that him or her is playing. It’s all good with that, but you have to understand that they are using professional quality guitars that cost over $1000 most of the time.

What you will want to do, is look at the features on the guitar and match mostly the pickup layout of it.

For example, for a Les Paul style guitar you have two pickups, the bridge and neck pickup as we refer to them.

Les Paul 1

The Neck pickup is the one closer to the neck of the guitar where you fret the strings. This pickup usually has a more bottom end sound and is a lot used in rhythm sections of a song.

The Bridge pickup is the one closer to the bridge of the guitar, which is where your strings will sit, near the buttons and has a more aggressive and high end sound to them. Usually used in more aggressive riffs or solos.

Also, another very well-known pickup layout is the one seen in Stratocaster type guitars.

StratIn this case you have 3 pickups. The neck, middle, and bridge pickups. Also, as you can see from the picture, there is a pickup selector. That allows you to switch between pickups easily and faster than with volume knobs.

The stratocaster type guitars have 5 different pickup choices you can have and they are, from closer to the neck to farther:

  • Neck pickup
  • Neck and Middle pickup
  • Middle pickup
  • Middle and Bridge pickup
  • Bridge pickup

So as you can see there are plenty of different sounds you can get with the different pickup selection.

This was an example of an important mistake beginners forget when buying their first guitar.

Setting Up Your Guitar

What do I mean when I say “setting up your guitar”? You are probably thinking I’m saying to plug in your guitar, tune etc.

No. In this case, to set up your guitar is to make a series of adjustments to your instrument, so ensure its playability and overall health. A guitar is make of wood and mechanical attributes, so with the days, weeks and months passing by, it will need adjustments on the neck, bridge, truss rod, tuning pegs, nut and other parts. Don’t freak out, you don’t need to know what all of those are and do right now. This is absolutely more important that the pickup selection. Setting up your guitar is not easy to do for a beginner so I strongly recommend you to leave to a luthier or someone you know who is experienced and can take care of it.

Setting up your guitar will affect tone, playability, durability and more, so its essential.

Going For The Cheapest

Some guitar manufacturers are staples of the industry and even have an influence outside guitar players. Brands like Fender and Gibson are known worldwide even with people who don’t know anything about guitars.

These brands and others, respected in the area, also make more affordable guitars for beginners and intermediates so there is no reason for you to go to the cheapest off-brand that no one knows and can assure I will provide you with quality.

This article will provide you the best electric guitars for beginners, showing you that you can absolutely rock with less than $200.

Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar

This brand, although you make not recognize its name, is a company that is part of Chicago Musical Instrument Co. which is the owner of the Gibson brand.

Epiphone has a lot of the same models has Gibson, with more affordable prices but with great quality nonetheless. Epiphone also has original models that have made them not only a cheaper alternative to people looking for Gibson models but also as a staple brand in the industry.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster

The Squier story was not always great. Fender bought Squier decades ago in 1965 and from the 1980s they were using Squier to manufacture classic models from Fender like the Stratocaster and Telecaster, when a rising market in lower cost guitars was making them starting to fall behind.

Squier guitars in the 20th century, were not the best quality ones in that price range and that absolute showed with the Squier guitars getting a bad reputation. But from the 21th century until now they have completely changed.

Fender has made such a good job in the latest models that even well-known musicians have used squier guitars and a lot of semi-professional musicians are using it a lot now.

Yamaha Pacifica Series

On the other hand, Yamaha has always made sure the Pacifica Series of guitars were always a proud addition to their catalog. Using a similar look as the Stratocaster, The Pacifica is a guitar that any beginner will use and abuse and will remain for many years as one of their favorite instruments.

The build and materials of these series is remarkable for the price that you pay for one of them.

All Pacifica Series guitars sport both a single-coil and a humbucker in their guitars, an interesting feature in the line.

Well known personalities in the YouTube community who focus on gear reviews and guides, like Rob Chapman for example, praise the Yamaha Pacifica as a great if not the best quality entry level guitar.

Jackson JS Series

The Jackson guitars focus their products and marketing mostly on the hard-rock and heavy-metal genres and they have become one of the most known names in that genre for guitarists.

They sport terrific original designs with great paint jobs and build materials. Their pickups are also more inclined for that heavier genres with higher gain and more aggressive sounding. They usually have 2 humbuckers that give it the heavier sound you can get to melt your parents faces or make them throw you out of the house.

Welcome To Your New Hobby

I want to specially thank you from having an interest in playing guitar and learning the amazing instrument that it is.

There are a lot of misinformation on the internet and I want to make everything clear as day as to what you can expect from all the products branded online.

If you want any more information about anything guitar related, leave a comment below!

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