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Best Guitar Cables For The Money – Budget Choices

Guitar playing has been a go to hobby for everyone looking for a lot of fun and wanting to learn something fullfiling. Like everything, we usually find ourselves overwhelmed by the options in guitars, amplifiers, cables, pedals, picks and even straps. There’s so many products around that it can feel tiring to start your journey in music, but even for the more experienced in music you can find great products for great prices, so I’m going to show you the best guitar cables for the money, so you still have money for the next Metallica concert (or Lady Gaga, whatever).

Cheap cables, cheap sound.

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As you may know, with almost every cheap thing comes a price. Long are the days of quality hand made products that costed next to nothing. Guitar cables can come in a variety of prices but I’ve seen companies sell cables for 2 dollars, that were really good, if you wanted to use it to dry your clothes. Those are the best.

Of course, you can find very good products at a lower price, and that is what I’m going to show in this post.



When choosing a budget guitar cable consider these factors:

  • Length
  • Material and Shape
  • Color
  • Connectors


This one is probably the most obvious. For a 0.5mt cable you will pay a significantly lower price than a 10mt one. I’ve seen a lot of people fall in this mistake a lot of times. They want a guitar cable and they don’t want to make any thought when considering the length of it.

For example, imagine you are playing a gig at your local bar. You will probably be very close to the amp, so you can consider a smaller cable (around 3mts). You can find cheap and quality guitar cables with that length, Fender, D’Addario and Hosa, are some examples of brands that provide you with price/quality cables.

Now imagine you’re playing in a theater and you have more ADHD than Angus Young, you will be running around the stage the whole gig and waving your awesome SG guitar around and the cable goes with it. Then you should think about a much bigger cable, Orange, Hosa and Xotic are great choices.

Material and Shape

The material is something really important on a cable. There are different types of internal wires and shielding, balanced and unbalanced depending on the brand and the different price ranges of cables. Well for one, you should understand that you are buying a cable on a budget and what you want is a trusted cable from a trusted brand that provides affordable options. I usually go with D’Addario and DiMarzio for quality brands that are not very expensive.

Second thing in this topic is the shape. The two shapes that you have is a straight cable or a coiled one (that you can remember from those old telephones that your grandma used to have, or still has).


The fact that you choose a different color for your cable, will most likely influence the price, usually you can have the same exact cable in black and it’s $20 and then $25 for a blue one. But let’s be honest, you play 10 times better with a blue cable that a black one. Not because the cable is better, but because you will be so bad ass that your confidence will go through the roof and you will perform better.

Color is a matter of personal taste, so just choose what you feel comfortable with.


The most important part of a good cable is without any doubt the connectors. They are usually neglected by the buyer, but I recommend you focus your decision mostly on the connectors, because they are usually the first thing breaking and making your cable unusable. Usually with cheaper cables it’s the first thing that the companies neglect because they are the most expensive part of the cable. I recommend you these products:

  • GLS Audio 10 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable
  • Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables
  • ADM 10FT Straight to Straight Noiseless Guitar Cable

I’ve chosen these mainly because I’ve used them in the past and they lasted for years, I still have the Fender one that I’ve bought 8 years ago when I started playing bass!

Keep in mind that you also have the option to have the connector straight or in 90 degree angles. This is because when you connect a 90 degree angle cable to your guitar it usually sits better and does not disrupt the playing. You can usually see this in most Fender guitars.

Best Cables On A Budget

When you don’t want to spend much money on a guitar cable, if your just starting out in music, or if you just play at home for yourself you really shouldn’t be bothering in spending more than $30 on a cable. Just choose one of the brands and products that I’ve listed and your good to go!


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