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Coiled Guitar Cable For That Vintage Look

When you choose a cable for your guitar you usually neglect a type of cable that was used and abused in the older days. For me, the coolest looking one, the coil cable.

The coiled guitar cable is a cord that takes out the problem with too much cable on stage perfectly.

Although they were more popular in the older days until the 70s, a coiled guitar cable is still my favorite type of cable to use for various reasons.

For one, with a coiled guitar cable, I’m much less likely to step on them during a gig, which is something that I get frustrated a lot when I want to move freely on stage. With a coiled guitar cable, it will hang hastily and less likely to be near your feet.

Also, they tend to be longer that the average cable without actually being enormous, since it shrinks and stretches, it looks less “busy” on stage.

Famous Musicians That Used A Coiled Guitar Cable

There’s a little known guitar player that used it all the time, I don’t know if you heard of him, he’s was called James Marshall, or mostly known as guitar legend as best guitar player of all time Jimi Hendrix. Recognize that name now?

Jimi Hendrix wax figure at Madame Tussauds London

Just a quick search in YouTube and you see dozens of videos with Jimi Hendrix sporting a coiled guitar cable along with the bass player sometimes. I’m actually inclined to buy the Voodoo Child coil cable from Fender. Jesus Christ that thing is beautiful.

Eric Clapton was also seen sporting a coiled guitar cable in the Cream era along with maybe half of the bands of that era.

Bass players in the 60s and 70s, since they mostly did not use pedals they would use coiled guitar cables! It was as common as an SVT or a Bassman head amplifiers back in the day.

Gearheads Hate Coiled Guitar Cables

Today they are frowned upon by gearheads, who made straight guitar cables the norm, making the coiled guitar cable a rare occasion to be seen. That is mostly due to the fact that you’re going to need more cable for a shorter distance, making it have more resistance and probably affect the tone more than straight cables.

But the truth is, the way that it affects your tone may be so small that a lot of musicians neglect this and prefer the practicality of the cable to be on stage.

I use it a lot as a bass player, since my bass goes directly into the amp with no pedals and obstructions in between.

Believe it or not, this post comes from a time that I am actually looking for a new coil cable since my oldest one is about to hit the grave. So all the cables that you will see here, were researched as a buyer and I hope to give a good insight into the best coiled guitar cable in the market.

I’m gonna give you a handful of cables that I thought were interesting and some of them I already had, and then show you my final choice and the one that I bought.

Don’t Go For The Cheapest

With coiled guitar cables you should choose a good quality one, I’ll tell you why.

Brands don’t usually put much effort in the quality of their coiled cables, they know that a lot of folks use it as a fashion choice than for quality or practicality on stage. They are usually more focused on either the straight budget cables or the high quality ones. A coiled guitar cable can be easily more noisy that a straight cable if you choose a budget one.

Making a bad coiled guitar cable is very easy, the actual spiral cord may be of bad quality and with time can start to loosen.

Be careful how you store it, you can mess with the spiral of the cord if you pack it carelessly with all the gear you have.

If you buy a white coiled guitar cable, remember that it will be very hard to clean properly. As you know, white is a color that will show all the dirtiness that’s on it.

OK, so I think I covered at least most of the important aspects and considerations with a coiled guitar cable you should have, now let’s head to the options I have for you.

Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child Cable

Since this was the first cable I mentioned previously it’s going to be the first on the list.

This cable by Fender shows why they are one of the most respected companies and why they are so good at understanding what the costumer wants. What’s not to like about this cable?

  • Good Price
  • 95% Copper cover for less noise
  • Awesome Looks
  • Badass Color
  • Up to 6,5m in length
  • OFC Copper braid shield for excellent sound quality and frequency compensation

Vox Vintage Coiled Cable

Although their are not known for their cables, Vox delivers with the Vox Vintage Coiled Cable a great option. Again, do not buy the white version, because with time it will stop being white and become brown.


  • Multi-gauge conductors
  • Copper cable conductors for quality sound
  • The Best quality in this price range
  • Gold-plated connectors for better reliability

Ernie Ball Coiled Instrument Cables

Another brand that is not known for their cables is Ernie Ball. We know them for being the company making guitar strings with their awesome packaging. But recently Ernie Ball started branching out to other ventures including guitar cables. With a great understanding in the market they made a great range of guitar cables. One of those is the Ernie Ball Coiled Ultraflex Cable.

  • Balanced frequency response
  • Durable casing for lasting performance
  • Very long
  • Not many color choices

Bullet Cable 15′ Coiled Gold Cable

Bullet has been making a fortune with coiled cables. If you want coiled cables from a brand that specialized in them, Bullet Cables is your choice. That have a very big collection that you can choose from, with products that are different from other brands.

  • Original styles
  • Quality cables
  • Many options and colors
  • Accurate signal delivery without treble loss

Prolink Monster Classic Pro Audio Instrument Cable Coiled

It’s not just pro because of the name. This is without a doubt the best quality coiled cable out there, from a brand that already has a big name in instrument cables due to their very high quality materials and durability.

  • The Best quality in the market
  • Affordable considering other Monster products
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight Flexibility

Final Choice

I think it’s safe to say that, for those that thought a coiled guitar cable was a thing from the past, that we still have a lot of options and even more now with the resurgence of vintage equipment. So, my final choice will be without a doubt the Fender Voodoo Child Coiled Cable. Mainly because of two reasons: I always loved Fender products and they have always satisfied me and with great prices. Also, this purple color suits perfectly in my rig and improves the look I have on stage, which is always something I like to cherish.

Feel free to check more posts in to find out more information and guides on guitar accessories.

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